Get the best dental care with Oclean Xmas promo sale

Proper dental care is very important for everybody and guys from Oclean are the experts in the category. Their toothbrushes and accessories are always on point and the portfolio is really expansive. While not being expensive, especially in the frequent promo sales event. One of these is just upon us and the Xmas promo sale has as usual some very nice discounts. So let’s take a look at the standout offers.

Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush

First we have the flagship model of the toothbrush line. Featuring advanced options like smart screen for tracking the missed areas. With 8 brushing areas and 6-axis gyroscope you will have total control over your brushing. Maglev motor with 84.000 movements/min delivers the ultra sonic power and is also ultra-quiet with just under 45dB. You can choose from 4 modes and 32 intensities for you teeth, while customizing all the plans in the app. DuPont Diamond and W-shape bristles are yet another nice touch, alongside IPX7 waterproofing or smart timer function.


And in the Xmas promo you can get this Rolls-Royce of toothbrushes for a discounted price of just $99.99. You will also get some extra bonus accessories packaged in with 4 extra brush heads and a wireless charger. All these goodies worth $35 for free, so a nice gift under the Xmas tree.

Oclean W1 water flosser

Another star product is the Oclean W1 water flosser. With its innovative aerodynamic technology you can efficiently mix water and oxygen to deeply clean your teeth. Powerful air pump rotation delivers enough power to remove resaidue and added 6.13% oxygen brings fresh breath, You have access to to flossing modes with 9 intensities and can personalize it all in the app, thanks to the built-in SoC chip. Compact and sleek design is also a plus and you are getting a free travel case as well. With up to 30 days of battery life and easy magnetic charging you are well off too.

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And the Xmas promo is not leaving you hanging with this one either. Final price for this nifty gadget is just $79.99 and you are once again getting some free bonus accessories. This time in the form of two extra N10 nozzles worth $35. So check it out.

Other package deals and more

That’s of course only the tip of the iceberg for the Xmas promo sales. You can save even more with some package deals. Like the 2 x Oclean X Pro Elite + 12 brush head + 1 Oclean Kids + 2 x travel case combo. All of that for mere $249.99. Eventually another pair offer with 2 x Oclean W1 + 4 x N1 nozzles in combo deal for $159.99. Family packages are always the best.

In case you would need some extra Oclean brush heads P3 refills, then the 8-pack of these of also on sale for just $19.99. And if you are looking for some cheap, yet powerful sonic toothbrush, then the Oclean F1 could be the answer. Packaged with a travel case and 5x extra brush heads and costing only $29.99. What’s not to like ?


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