Gmail is Getting “More Accurate” Search Suggestions

As if Gmail wasn’t already incredibly smart at predicting the items you search for, says that starting today, it will be even “more accurate” and the suggestions offered should be better too.

In a short post to the Workspace Updates blog, informed Workspace customers that the Gmail improvements should be here shortly if they aren’t already. They made the announcement in the briefest of ways without many specifics, so we’ll mostly have to take their word for the changes that we’ll see.

For those users who search often in Gmail, you should get “Better and more contextual contact suggestions with intent matching,” as well as “Personalized suggestions based on historical interactions.” This two items are here thanks to updated machine learning models from Google. Again, that’s all we’re told, so the changes will likely mostly be noticed by those who search all of the time.

While this was announced to Workspace customers, this is a general Gmail improvement rollout. Everyone who uses Gmail, including for personal accounts, will see the search improvements.

Again, this should all start to appear today.


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