Google Celebrates Native American Heritage Month Through Chrome, Assistant

Native American Heritage month kicked off this week and is helping celebrate by bringing awareness to the history and culture through the Google Assistant, Chrome, and Chrome OS. You'll be able to get collections of historical facts, as well as stories, and also show off Native art in your browser or on your desktop.

For those with a Google Home or Nest smart device, you can say “Happy Native American Heritage Month” or “Give me a fact about Native American Heritage” throughout the month to get facts and stories. These are live now if you'd like to give it a try and learn something.

In the art department, Google asked five Native American artists to create themes for Chromebooks and the Chrome browser. You'll find art from Crystal Worl, James P. Johnson, Michael Namingha, Noah Lee, and Richard D. York. I've included a few of the pieces in this post, but you'll find the entire collection at this Chrome Web Store link.

To add any of these to your browser, you'll simply head over to that link above, tap on the art, then “Add to Chrome.” It couldn't be easier.

Google Chrome Native America Heritage

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