Google Could Soon Mandate Monet-like Dynamic Theming on Devices Running Android 12


12 saw ’s first attempt at dynamic theming across the user interface with the “Monet” theming engine. The feature was also spotted being tested for the Google Image Search results. A report claims that the company is set to make dynamic theming mandatory for all smartphones and tablets running Android 12.

Police reports that a reliable source has anonymously confirmed that dynamic theming will soon be mandated on all devices running 12, at least if they wish to continue offering ’s suite of apps. Dynamic theming engines like Monet pick dominant colors in on-screen elements such as device wallpapers and Image Search results and apply them to various aspects in the user interface, such as buttons, sliders, toggles, etc.

Internal documentation at reportedly suggests that starting March 14, new software builds based on 12 would have to implement a dynamic theming engine. Specifically, the apps submitted for Mobile Services (GMS) approval must meet specific requirements with their dynamic theming engine implementations.

The engine should generate five color palettes based on a single source color, three for accents, and two neutral palettes. This requirement is similar to the principles Google’s own apps follow for Material You theming. Developers will be free to implement Monet directly or even develop their own dynamic theming engine.

What do you think of GMS’ new dynamic theming requirement? Would it help the user interface appear more cohesive across apps? Tell us in the comments.

[Via Police]


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