Google Delays the Release of the stable Android 14 version

Android fans had concerns about Android 14’s release, and it turns out their worries were justified. Google has pushed back the launch of its new operating system to early October.

Last year, Android 13 arrived in mid-August, but this year, we’ll need to be patient for a few more weeks for its successor. The revised plan points to a launch date of October 4.

Mishaal Rahman, a highly reliable source for Android news, broke the story. His sources revealed that Google made a last-minute decision to delay Android 14’s release.

Android 14 Launch Postponed: Google Takes Extra Time for Perfection

Android 14

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“I now hear that Google has delayed the release of Android 14’s source code to next month. This decision seems to have been made very late, as even OEMs were anticipating that the release would be today. OEMs are now being told that vulnerabilities detailed in the Android 14 Security Release Notes will be published on October 4, so that may be the new release date. Yes, October 4 is the same day as the Pixel 8 launch event, so if this is true, it would be the first time that the AOSP release has been pushed back to coincide with the new Pixel device launch” said the Android expert Mishaal Rahman.

It’s worth noting that Google had never set a specific date for Android 14’s availability, so the delay has stirred some skepticism. Many believed in a September 5 release, but this belief remained unconfirmed, potentially disrupting the plans of other smartphone manufacturers.

The October 4 date coincides with the Pixel 8 launch event. Only Google devices will receive Android 14 on that day, while other brands will need to follow their own timelines.

This delay might pose challenges for brands like OnePlus, which had previously announced OxygenOS 14’s launch for September 25. If Android 14 becomes available in October, OnePlus may struggle to meet its original schedule.

However, this delay isn’t necessarily bad news. It suggests that Google is taking the time to polish Android 14 thoroughly before releasing it, prioritizing a stable and bug-free experience for users. In the end, this could benefit Android enthusiasts by ensuring a smoother transition to the new operating system.

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