Google Drive Now Allows the Use of Keyboard Shortcuts to Move and Manage Files


Drive is an end-to-end cloud-based document management and storage service. Its popularity is helped by tight integration with Google Workspace tools and communication utilities such as Google Meet and Gmail. A recent change to the service could make it significantly more convenient to use, especially if you access Drive on a desktop.

According to a recent post on the Workspace blog, you will now be able to use keyboard shortcuts including those for cutting, copying, and pasting when moving files around in Google Drive. You can soon copy and paste files between your Drive folders, just like you would on a Mac or a Windows computer.

Additionally, if you copy a file and paste it into a Docs document or an email, its shareable URL will be pasted instead. Alternatively, the search giant has added the option to use Ctrl + Shift + V to create shortcuts to a copied file in another location. The advantage is that a duplicate of the copied file isn’t created in the destination folder. A Ctrl + Enter shortcut allows you to open the selected file in a new tab.

One important limitation to note is that the feature only works when you access Drive using Chrome.

If you use these keyboard shortcuts to move files on your computer, using them on Drive should come as second nature to you. says the feature is rolling out in the next three days, starting May 26. If you don’t get access to these new features, make sure to wait a few more days. The full rollout will tentatively be complete on June 3.

[Via Workspace Blog]


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