Google Fi Intros New ‘Simply Unlimited’ Data Plans, as Low as $30/Month for 3+ Lines

Google Fi introduced a new Simply Unlimited data plan this week, celebrating the service’s sixth birthday. Happy birthday, Fi! This new plan is all about having unlimited data, with just the basics and no extra nonsense.

Pricing for Simply Unlimited starts at $60/month for one line, but then gets less expensive for each line you add. For 2 lines, the price is $45/month, then just $30/month for 3+ lines. As for fine print, these are unlimited data lines, but your data will slow should you go over 22GB of data in a month. Other than that, the plans come with unlimited calls and texts, calls to Canada and Mexico, plus other Fi features.

If this interests you, follow the link below and get yourself signed up.

Fi Sign-Up

// Fi


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