Google Fi Will Drop $300 Off the Pixel 7 Pro if You Switch Over

There are Black Friday deals everywhere to be had on the best electronics, including smartphones and smartwatches. Black Friday is a month-long experience at this point, but this week in particular should be extra solid. Fi is one of those outlets running one of the best promotions if the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro were on your list.

For new Fi customers, Google will drop $300 off the Pixel 7 Pro or $200 off the Pixel 7. With those discounts, you would be paying just $599 for Google’s top tier phone and $399 for the Pixel 7 I can’t get enough of. Those are the best Pixel 7 Black Friday deals around.

Of course, you’ll noticed I mentioned that this is for “new” customers. really wants people to switch over to Google Fi, so that’s why the biggest discount is for newbies. If that’s an acceptable ask, then here’s what else you need to know.

To get Fi’s Pixel 7 Pro Black Friday deal, you must:

  • Be a new customer or someone whose last Fi service was more than 180 days ago
  • You’ll get the $300 (or $200) discount right away, but you need to bring your service over within 30 days of phone shipment or will charge you for that discount
  • You have to keep the qualifying phone active on Fi for 60 consecutive days

Assuming you don’t love your current wireless carrier situation at AT&T or Verizon or T-Mobile and really want a Pixel 7 Pro, this is nice offer. And remember, Fi uses T-Mobile’s network and has unlimited plans that start as low as $50 for a single line. Their best Unlimited Plus plan now comes with a year of free YouTube Premium too.

Don’t want to switch to Fi and would rather just get a discount on the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro and keep your current carrier? Cool. The Pixel 7 Pro is still $150 off and the Pixel 7 is $100 off at the Google Store, Best Buy, and Amazon (buy it here).

Shop Fi’s Pixel 7 Pro Deal


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