Google I/O is Virtual This Year, Free to Attend on May 18-20

Last year, Google canned plans for its I/O developer conference because COVID-19 cases were rampant all across the world. This year, even with things cooling down and folks getting vaccinated, no chances for a super spreader event are taking place, so has made it official that the event will be 100% virtual and free to attend by all.

This news comes from ’s dedicated events page, hidden by some puzzles that were solved by the 9to5 crew. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, friends! Once solved, we can see that I/O will be virtual, free to attend, and take place between May 18 through May 20.

At I/O, we can expect plenty of Google and Android news. It wouldn’t shock us to see new products, too. We could see new Nest stuff, 12 things, plus plenty more.

If you care to give the puzzles a go yourself, have at it.

// 9to5


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