Google Intros New Multi-Room Audio Controls for Nest Devices

You know how you can manually group Cast-powered devices to get the tunes bumping your home? Well, Google is introducing a new multi-room control feature for Nest devices (smart displays, speakers, Chromecasts), allowing users to dynamically group multiple cast-enabled Nest devices  in real-time.


The way this works is easy enough to understand. Let’s say you have a Nest Hub in the kitchen and a Nest Mini in the living room. From your Nest Hub, you can now group those two devices and control playback of tunes from apps like Spotify and YouTube Music. So long as it’s a Nest device, it appears to be supported in this feature.

Here’s a little excerpt from Google.

Nest is taking sound to the next level with the launch of multi-room control – a new feature that allows users to group together cast-enabled Nest devices in real-time to fill multiple rooms with music. The new update allows Nest devices (speakers, Smart Displays, and Chromecast) to come together as a whole-home audio system and works with your favorite audio apps, including YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora and more.

This feature is rolling out now to Nest devices!

// Google


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