Google Killed the Old Google Pay’s Ability to Send and Receive Money Today

Google had originally scheduled April 5 to be the end of the Pay website and the ability to send/receive money in the old Pay app. They let that date slip without setting a new end date for us to target and those of us who use it, have continued to enjoy such important functionality. Unfortunately, all good things must end in Google’s world, so today is the day we’ve dreaded.

On a support page, Google added a new note that says May 10 (today) is the day they plan to cutoff send/receive access on both and within the old Google Pay app.

Important: As of May 10, 2021, you can no longer send or receive money with or the old Google Pay app. You can still claim funds for any pending transactions. To send or receive money with friends and family, download the new Google Pay app.

I checked the website as I’m writing this up and it works for now, but the app no longer does, as you can see from the image above. The end is indeed here.

If you want to send and receive money through Pay, you need to install the new Google Pay app, which I’m not sure anyone loves. It has limited functionality and is attached to your phone number instead of your Google account.


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