Google Launches No-Cost Workspace Starter Edition for Businesses

Those with a work email can now find a no-cost option for Workspace, formerly known as G Suite. This free tier gets you plenty of good stuff, so don’t let its lack of price make you think it’s a poor offering.

Called the Workspace Essentials Starter edition, users get access to Drive, Meet, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. The main difference between the no-cost option and a paid tier is storage allotted to each user (15GB for this Starter Edition), additional admin controls, custom email, and a few other things. Compared to Workspace’s $6/month tier, though, there isn’t a ton different.

A comprehensive comparison of paid Workspace tiers can be viewed here, in case you were curious.

There’s no credit card required to sign up, so if you think your business could benefit, follow the link below.

Create Account Here



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