Google Maps Bug Turns into Android Auto Feature: A Fortunate Accident

In February of this year, Maps introduced a new feature. It allowed the app to work in Auto dashboards and on connected Android phones. However, the feature did not stay for too long. It appears that Google did not intentionally put this “feature” into Maps. Instead, it was a bug, and it got fixed in a few days.

But according to the users that were using Google Maps and Android Auto, the bug improved their experiences. After all, it allowed them to use Maps and Android Auto at the same time. And seeing the users' reports, Google has officially announced it as a feature. In other words, Google has turned a helpful bug into an official feature.

How To Get the New Android Auto Google Maps Feature

As per the latest reports coming from users, Maps officially works on Android Auto dashboard. However, some users reported that they were getting an error message. The message says, “Your phone can't display Google Maps while Android Auto is running.”

That means Google has not fully rolled out the feature yet. So, what can you do to get the Android Auto Google Maps feature? Well, by taking a closer look at the Maps app for phones changelog, you will see that the app was updated a couple of days ago.

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Android Auto Integration
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The latest version of the app is 11.85.0300. This is the Maps version that comes with the Android Auto integration feature. So, if you want to get the feature, you must update your Maps app. Head over to Google Play Store and do a scan for all the apps installed on your Android phone.

Google Maps Update
Latest Maps app update

Google Play Store should automatically update the Maps app if it is not already updated. And afterward, you can enjoy the latest Android Auto integration.

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