Google Maps May Soon Tell You How Much Your Road’s Toll Will Be

Currently, Google Maps will let you know that a road you’re about to navigate has a toll. That’s super useful. However, the price of that toll is not provided to users, so it’s always a bit of a mystery until you arrive at the toll. According to at least one member of the Maps preview program, this should soon be changing and Maps will be letting you know how much you can expect to pay at upcoming tolls.

Should this be accurate and Maps makes the change official, it’ll be more in line with what Waze already offers its users. For some time, Waze has provided an estimated cost of tolls, so it’s a bit surprising that it’s taken this long for the feature to be ported over. Better late than never.

hasn’t made this official, but once and if they do, we’ll let you know how you can access it.

// Android Police


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