Google Meet App introduces new “On-The-Go” feature

A new feature seems to be reaching the Meet Application soon. The folks at 9to5Google discovered evidence of a new feature called “On-The-Go” through an APK Teardown (. The name of the feature is self-explanatory as it's related to moving. Google's goal is to make conversations safer when you're on the move.

On-The-Go reaches Google Meet

The new feature is simple, once Meet detects you are walking while on a conference call, it will request you to activate the On-the-Go feature. This will disable your camera and turn off the audio stream of other participants just for you. The rest of the participants will remain unaffected. The goal is to make your move safer by interrupting the meeting just for you. Therefore, you won't be distracted while moving to another place or walking through the street.

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Furthermore, the app will enlarge most buttons on the screen making them easier to press and see. The goal is to minimize all distractions. Once the app detects (through the phone's motion sensors) that you stopped moving, it will switch back to the standard view and resume the features. Worth noting that you can also enable the feature through the Google Meet in-call menu (three-dots button). In case you don't want to rely on the sensors, it's pretty easy to enable and disable the On-The-Goo Feature.

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Source: 9to5Google

Perhaps the feature won't be useful for everyone. However, if you're the kind of Google Meet user that wants to take video calls while away from the desk, the feature could be useful. We are curious to see when exactly the feature will make way for all users. We assume that it's just a matter of time until this APK enters Google Play Store and reaches all users across the world.

Unlike other Google attempts at chatting apps, Google Meet stands as a powerful and one of the world's most used apps for video conferencing. It's natural to see the company trying to improve the app's experience with each update. It's a simple feature, compared to everything Google is doing in its own AI revolution. However, it's still useful.

Are you going to use the On-The-Go mode? Let us know in the comments section below.

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