Google Messages is Getting Pinned Conversations Soon

Google Messages is getting a couple of new features here in the near future that will make organizing your conversations easier and also help you find important messages later on. An updated version is rolling out that hints at the new goods, which include pinned conversations.

The crew at XDA found strings of code within Messages 8.1.050 that reference the ability to pin a conversation to the top of your conversations list. There are additional strings that mention unpinning, and that makes a lot of sense. When pinned, you would see conversations listed at the top with a little pin icon next to them. Think about doing this with your most important conversations or those you’d like to remain handiest.

In addition to pinning, we should soon see an option to star messages within conversations. Those starred messages would then be searchable later on. While you can search messages now, being able to search specifically within starred messages could be extra handy for those of us into flagging such items.

I wish I could tell you when these new features might rollout, but this is Android today. We only find out about features because someone dives into the code of an app and finds something that was too lazy to hide, which Google then uses as an unofficial way to announce features rather than announcing them directly. It’s f*cking annoying, to be honest.

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