Google Messages is the Default on the Galaxy S22

When setting up this Galaxy S22 Ultra review unit last week, I noticed that Messages was set as the default out of the box. I thought, “That’s cool, one less thing to change” and moved on. I should have told you guys it seems, as tech media has decided this morning that it is a very big deal. So let’s talk about it!

Should you buy a Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, or Galaxy S22 Ultra, out of the box, Messages will be your default messaging app. While ’s Messages app is still pre-loaded for whatever reason, you would have to choose it as the default if you want to use it for texting and all that fun.

This is all important news for a couple of reasons. On one hand, it helps set a standard text messaging app across in the US if is pushing it. Samsung is the big player in Android and what they do has a major impact. Going forward, if you buy phones, the chances of it having Messages by default are likely. And that leads to the second reason this is good, which is RCS.

As you all know, RCS or Rich Communication Services is the future of text messaging on phones. It allows for a more robust texting experience that upgrades SMS and MMS. It’s fine and definitely an improvement over what so many are used to from texting, assuming they don’t own an iPhone. With Messages the default, basically everyone who buys a Galaxy S22 will have RCS turned on right away and can then have better chats.

Typically, I would also suggest this is a big deal because can update Messages through Google Play, giving you new features more often, but Samsung appears to have skinned it somehow. That could impact the way it is updated, unless Samsung can simply update it regularly through their monthly security patches. They did this on the Galaxy S21 and there didn’t seem to be an issue.

Do note that Samsung already made this move last year outside of the US.

And there’s your big news of this Monday.

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