Google: No New Pixelbook on the Horizon

At a recent Qualcomm press event, ’s Retail Partner Manager for Chromebooks, Chrys Tsolaki, was asked about the company’s plans for a new Pixelbook laptop. The provided answer, should you be concerned with Google’s laptop business, may disappoint you.

When asked if is planning any new Pixelbook devices, Tsolaki responded with, “Next year [2022] there won’t be anything coming. In the future, I don’t know.”

While we can officially rule 2022 out for a new Pixelbook, I suppose we can look forward to 2023 at the earliest for a new device, but that’s forever away. The comment doesn’t provide much hope for the line, which is odd because is in a great spot to make a really good Pixelbook. It’s time for a Tatodamus Prediction: I foresee a reworked Tensor processor powering a Pixel-branded laptop in the year 2024. Starting price is $579.

Pixelbook fans, is this sad news or are you fulfilling your Chrome OS needs elsewhere?

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