Google partners with 30 publishers to launch News Showcase in India

Earlier today (18th May 2021), Alphabet announced the launch of the Google News Showcase platform in India. The company had announced the news related platform ast year, with a 1 billion US Dollar to support publishers across the globe.

The search engine giant is partnering with 30 publishers in the region to launch News Showcase as the country struggles with the second wave the Coronavirus outbreak. At the moment, this service is available in various regions like Germany, Brazil, Canada, France and more. Now, the platform has launched in India and includes 30 national, regonal, and local news agencies as well. This includes The Hindu Group, ABP LIVE, India TV, NDTV, and other local publishers.

In a blogpost, the company stated that “Today’s announcement comes at a particularly challenging moment in India, with Indians seeking out authoritative news and information as the COVID-19 crisis deepens.” Currently, Indians have become increasingly reliant on social media platforms to stay informed and acquire crucial information related to supplies that are in dangerously low supply in the country.

Google News Showcase

The content provided by News Showcase in India will arrive in English and Hindi. Tjese will appear in panels in News and on Discover. Furthermore, the company announced that it would soon include additional local langauges later this year. For India alone, the brand has allocated 18 million uS Dollars in new funding. This will also include expenses for adertising and support for public health related campaigns as well.




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