Google Photos Gets Updated Multi-Select UI in Latest Stable Build

Hitting phones this week is a change in the Photos app that I’m loving so far. The change blends perfectly with 12 and Material You, so I’m hoping to see more changes like this pop up in other apps.

Available in build, is changing up the multi photo select UI. Previously, a user would long press on a photo and then controls/actions would display in the top right of the app. After this update, the controls (Share, Add to, Trash, Order Photos, etc.) pop up in the bottom of the app as part of a whole new pop-up tab. You can also pull the tab up and show quick share contacts, plus controls for quickly tossing photos into specific albums.

This may not seem like the biggest change, but it’s a big update for the actual workflow of the app if you’re the type to handle multiple photos at once.

Have you got it yet?

// Police


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