Google Picks Its Favorite Chrome Extensions of 2022

Picks Its Favorite Chrome Extensions of 2022

Picks Its Favorite Chrome Extensions of 2022

BY Ronil

Published 15 Dec 2022

allows you to customize its Chrome browser with themes, wallpaper, and extensions, to enhance your browsing experience. Now, the big G announced, in a blog post, its top picks of Chrome extensions of the year. The search giant chose its favorites based on four different categories: productivity, focus, and watching videos, and learning. Let’s take a closer look at each winner of all four categories.

Best Chome Extensions for Productivity, Focus, Gaming, Watching Videos, and Learning

Chrome extensions for productivity: 

  1. Tango: It automatically generates how-to guides. When you walk through any process and record it, the app turns those steps into a how-to guide you can share with others. 
  2. SwiftRead: It is a speed reading app that claims to help you read two to three times faster than you usually would. 
  3. Liner: It is a research tool that highlights, saves, organizes, and gives recommendations for your reading habits.
  4. Compose AI: An AI writing tool that writes your emails or anything you ask for. 
  5. VisBug: It allows designers to make “tweaks to a website’s text and images.”
  6. Check US Visa Slots:  A tool that provides access to check and share the US visa slots availability.

For focus:

  1. Workona Tab Manager: An extension that organizes your work in the browser.
  2. CrXMouse Chrome Gestures: A tool that lets you custom mouse navigation shortcuts.

Chrome extensions for and watching videos: 

  1. RoPro:  A tool aimed at Roblox players to add unique features to the game.
  2. eJOY: A tool that allows you to watch videos and movies with two subtitles in different languages for those learning a new language. 

For learning:

  1. Equatio: It digitizes math, allowing teachers and students of all levels to quickly and easily create math expressions.
  2. MyBib: It “automatically generates bibliographies and citations for you as you browse the web.”

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