Google Pixel 3 has a bug caused by Microsoft Teams that prevents 911 calls

An odd incident recently occurred where a Pixel 3 user was unable to call 911 during an emergency. Now, the results of the official investigation from the company has revealed some interesting reasons as to why this happened.

Back in November 2021, Reddit user u/KitchenPicture5849 (Via AndroidPolice) shared his unfortunate experience on the social media platform. The user had placed an emergency 911 call for an ambulance, but only after the phone ringing once, the Pixel 3 froze completely. This further hampered any further attempts from the user to communicate with the person who was on the other side of the call. While the device had managed to reveal the location to the emergency services on the call, the user was unable to share crucial details like his address, apartment number, or even the condition of the person that required medical assistance.

The Pixel 3 was basically stuck on the app screen. Fortunately, the Reddit users managed to reach emergency services through the landline. But considering the gravity of the situation, this could’ve been a fatal experience for those that only use smartphones. When sharing his experience on Reddit, the user also recreated the bug and found that his Verizon logs showed no record of a call being placed to 911. This prompted to start its own investigation into the issue that is thankfully not widespread at the moment.

So what caused this issue? A Pixel Community account revealed that the bug was spotted on devices where the users had installed Teams but hadn’t logged in with any account. It added that an “unintended interaction” between the app and prevented emergency calls from being made. So now, both and Microsoft are promptly working on a fix as of right now.



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