Google Pixel 6 Fingerprint Scanner Fails When Battery Is Fully Discharged

Pixel 6 seems to have an issue where the phone doesn’t recognize your biometric lock when the battery is fully discharged. The search engine giant recently unveiled the hotly-anticipated Pixel 6 smartphone. However, the newly launched handset has been plagued with problems since going, official. Now, a new issue related to the smartphone’s fingerprint sensor has surfaced.

Earlier this month, Pixel 6 Pro users reported an issue where the smartphone’s display flickers if they press the power button when the phone is switched off. Back in October, a Pixel 6 Pro bug made its debut. The bug increased the size of the phone’s punch hole, giving it an awkward extension. Now, some users of the Pixel 6 series smartphones are complaining about the smartphone’s fingerprint scanner becoming unresponsive.

Pixel 6 Fingerprint Scanner Issue

The latest issue was reported by APK Pure founder Artem Russakovskii, in collaboration with Police. The report claim that when the Pixel 6 smartphone abruptly shuts down, the fingerprint sensor does not register new users. In fact, the smartphone fails to even recognize previously registered fingerprints. According to a Reddit thread, the glitch may be a result of the latest security update. A user reported the issue, noting the Pixel 6 Pro’s sensor was working fine but stopped working when the phone ran out of battery.

The user then plugged in the smartphone to charge and entered the PIN once. Much to their chagrin, the user realized the fingerprint scanner icon had disappeared from the screen. Now, they have no option but to enter the PIN to unlock the smartphone. When the user checked settings, they found that the fingerprint profile was not showing up there anymore. When the user tried registering a fingerprint again, the phone showed a message indicating that the enrollment did not complete and the fingerprint enrollment didn’t work.

Pixel 6 Series Has Multiple Issues

The aforesaid message urged the user to either try again or use a different finger. The user tried his wife’s finger and even installed fingerprint calibration from to no avail. According to a bug report on the Google Issue Tracker website, several other users claim that the fingerprint enrollment option disappears in the Settings menu after they recharge the battery and reboot the phone. Some users who were able to find the re-register a fingerprint option.

Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro

Moreover, several users have complained about Pixel 6 smartphones being slow when it comes to identifying fingerprints. However, the search engine giant insists that it is not a software issue. According to Google, the problem is due to a hardware feature. The company explains that the fingerprint algorithms have “enhanced security.” As a result, it takes more time to authenticate the fingerprint before unlocking the smartphone. Furthermore, hasn’t yet acknowledged the issue.

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