Google Pixel 6 Pro to offer new camera features like Magic Eraser, Motion Blur, & more: Report

The camera in a smartphone is one of its most important aspects. Apart from just decent performance, many consumers also want a device that is capable in photography as well. Now, a new report has revealed some of the new and interesting camera features that the Google Pixel 6 Pro could offer, which might make it a feature packed handset in the high end market.

For those unaware, the search engine giant’s image processing pipeline and Camera app have made the Pixel series one of the best smartphones in terms of camera rankings. And now, a new report from XDADevelopers has suggested that the Pixel 6 series will arrive with improvements to its camera hardware, which will be much more notable than any upgrades that the previous iterations had ever made.

The new improvements also arrive as the company has built a custom chip for its smartphone that will offer it even more control over image processing. A source close to the matter provided XDADevelopers with an unreleased internal version of the Camera app that has suggested some camera features that will utilize the new improvements in hardware. Some of these features include, Magic eraser, Face deblur, Scene lock, “Front torch”, and more.

While the company has already revealed the Face deblur feature (with a demo also being showcased), the new Magic eraser might be one of the most interesting upcoming features. A code name discovered on the new Camera app called “swiss” is connected to another feature called “magic eraser.” Although its exact function is unknown, it might be a post processing effect. XDA believes it might even allow users to remove objects or people from a photo that they have taken, as the name suggests.


Other interesting features include motion blur, which is expected to be a motion blur feature that adds the effect in the Camera app. Similarly, there was also a code name “naruto” found in the camera app that is related to a feature called scene lock. While the Pixel 6 series doesn’t seem to have a front facing LED flash, the source also found a “Front torch” feature as well that simply turns the Camera UI into beige to light up anything in front of the phone’s display.




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