Google Pixel 6 series to use Samsung 5G baseband

So far, the Pixel series has always used Qualcomm chips for all generations. The Google Pixel 4 series comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Similarly, the Google Pixel 5 series uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 76 processor. However, on the Pixel 6 series, Google has abandoned the use of Qualcomm chips. Google Pixel 6 series will use a custom chip, Tensor. According to reports, this chip s Google’s self-developed processor.

However, there are reports that the Tensor SoC is an unreleased Exynos chip from Samsung. In addition, there are reports that the US version of the Google Pixel 6 series uses a modem from Samsung, not Qualcomm.

At present, uses Qualcomm baseband in its iPhone 12 series models. ’s flagship in the US also uses Qualcomm 5G baseband. However, will now turn to Samsung’s 5G baseband. The report pointed out that this is the first time that Samsung’s 5G baseband has been applied to smartphones sold in the United States. Even for Samsung’s own models, its 5G baseband is only used in the international version, and the US version is still a Qualcomm solution.

From the reports so far, we expect the Google Pixel 6 series to officially debut this fall. At the launch event, we will certainly have more information about the series.

Google Pixel 6 production

It appears that the Google Pixel 6 series is coming with a lot of changes. In addition to the significant design and chip changes, there will also be a significant change in production. According to a previous report, Google will produce the Pixel 6 series in a factory in Vietnam. However, due to the pandemic, the latest news says that Google will change the manufacturing location to China.

If Google takes the Pixel 6 series production to China, many Chinese smartphone users will be optimistic. This may also mean that Google may officially release these devices in the Chinese market. We expect that at least some units of this device will likely flow into the Chinese market. For Chinese Pixel enthusiasts, this is certainly a piece of good news.

As the owner of the system, Google has been launching its own mobile phone products over the years. However, in terms of smartphone sales, Google is not on the leadership board. Even users that prefer native Android do not seem to have an interest in Pixel smartphones. The fan base of the Pixel series is very small. However, because Google is using its own system, the software, and hardware coordination capabilities are very good. Google Pixel series phones have always been regarded as Android benchmarks.


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