Google Pixel 6 Will Soon Get These Pixel 7 Features

Pixel 6 Will Soon Get These Pixel 7 Features

Pixel 6 Will Soon Get These Pixel 7 Features

BY Ronil

Published 12 Oct 2022

The latest Pixel 7 series didn’t only come with hardware upgrades—it’s also loaded with a slew of new software features. It packs Clear Calling, wipes off blur and noise from old photos, speedy Night Sight processing times, and Guide Frame, among other functionality.

And now, has confirmed that some of those exclusive Pixel 7 features are coming to last year’s Pixel 6 models. The company told PhoneArena that all Pixel phones running on a Tensor chip – Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series – will get those features in the next feature drop, scheduled for December.

The Clear Calling option tapers background noises when you’re on a phone call. While the feature wasn’t available on the Pixel 7 phones at launch, it’ll land with the December Feature Drop. It’ll probably arrive on the Pixel 6 series at the same time. The same Tensor-powered models will let you silence an incoming call by saying “silence.” You’ll also be able to “stop” or “snooze” alarms via those quick phases.

Further, Guide Frame accessibility helps folks with eyesight issues to take a selfie using voice commands to place the phone and form a selfie-ready frame. Sadly, the Pixel 6 series won’t see the refreshed Super Res Zoom, but it’ll get an improved Real Tone algorithm. These enhancements will get integrated into Night Sight and Portrait modes.

Next, plans to bring Pixel Buds Pro’s Spatial Audio support to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro with this upcoming feature drop. Lastly, the Pixel 4a and above models will get the Voice Message Transcription feature, and the At a Glance widget will show new information.

The publication asked about its plans to bring the Face Unlock feature to the Pixel 6 Pro, but the company had nothing to share regarding that for now.

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