Google Pixel Tablet Is The Clear Winner Against the Apple iPads For Some Obvious Reasons

Before the Pixel Tablet launched, iPads were the way to go if you had the budget. To be exact, relatively modern iPads were better than the latest and greatest tablets that came with beefed-up specs. But after the Google I/O 2023 event, Apple is in big trouble.

In case you missed it, the Google Pixel Tablet comes with home controls and a speaker dock. You get all of that for a great price! So, with the debut of the tablet, Google is basically forcing Apple to justify its higher price tag. And no matter what Apple says, the argument will feel stale.

What Made Apple iPads Better

Before the Google Pixel Tablet, the main selling points of Apple iPads were: simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. But it's true that Android device manufacturers did bring out some good competitors over time. Consider the Pad, for example. But the thing is, these high-end Android tablets could not even match the strong points of iPads, let alone beat them.

Even the older iPads can handle tasks and apps smoothly. And if you are using an iPhone and Apple Watch, you can make them work with the iPads. That will eventually allow you to share photos, files, and apps. Android tablets generally did not offer the same feature. And people had low expectations from the Google Pixel Tablet too.

Google Pixel Tablet Sync
Pixel Device Sync

But what about the features? Well, Apple iPads do not really have features. Yes, there's a camera on the back. However, nor Apple nor the users expect these cameras to be the best fit for mobile photography. The case is pretty much the same for the Android tablets. This is not deemed to change with the Google Pixel Tablet, even with a Pixel-grade camera.

Google Pixel Tablet camera
Google Pixel Tablet Camera

That becomes more apparent if you are already using a good camera smartphone. Then, iPads have Apple Pencil and keyboards. You can even use a mouse with the iPads. But at the end of the day, they are just accessories.

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Now, the thing that iPads excel at is they let you do what you want. Whether it's streaming service apps or work-related apps, Apple iPads do it all. And the Apple tablets do it better than Android tablets. In fact, Apple iPads are even great at .

Google Knows What It's Doing With the Pixel Tablet

First of all, let's get one thing straight. The Google Pixel Tablet is cheaper than all the modern Apple iPads. At $499, you will get the tablet and the charging speaker dock. Of course, the Google Tensor G2 chipset is much slower than the Apple A14 Bionic found in the current iPads.

But it excels at what it wants to do. For example, the Google Pixel Tablet offers an amazing photo editing feature. Google has also packed the tablet with a good number of Pixel-exclusive features, which will redefine your tablet-using experience.

Google Pixel Tablet Charging Dock With speakers
Pixel Tablet Charging Dock With Speakers

Most importantly, Google Pixel Tablet is not trying to be a computer. Google knows that tablets can not be a laptop replacement. Instead, Google is marketing it to be a home tablet. And while tablets are meant to be used at home, the Pixel Tablet is the first to define the category.

Apple iPad ad Stating It's A Laptop Replacement

In addition, tablets at home are meant to be shared. Well, Google Pixel Tablet excels in that criterion too. It comes with a multi-user feature that Apple users have been asking for a long time. So, you can share the tablet without worrying about your friends or family members getting access to your personal stuff.

Therefore, it goes without saying that Apple iPads are no longer the default answer to the tablet question. Instead, Google Pixel Tablet is now questioning Apple iPad things that it can not answer.

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