Google Pixel Watch Unboxing, Setup, and Comparison!

Now that we can talk about the Pixel Watch with all of you, this should be a fun few days. We are (obviously) kicking off our Pixel Watch coverage with an unboxing, but this unboxing goes further by showing you the entire setup process before comparing the size to a whole bunch of other watches.

The unboxing experience on the Pixel Watch isn’t anything special. Inside the box, you get the Pixel Watch, an official Active Band with both small and large sizes, and the charging pad. The charger connects over USB-C to an adapter that you will need to provide yourself. We show all of that here.

Once we have the Pixel Watch out of the box, you’ll watch as we quickly connect it to a Pixel 7 using Fast Pair, then run through the setup process which includes an update. We take a look at the Pixel Watch companion app too, with all of its settings on display.

And finally, at the end of the video, we put the Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 7, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and Galaxy Watch 4 on the wrist next to the Pixel Watch for a little comparison.

Our Pixel Watch review should be along shortly. We have a lot to say there, plenty good and some not-so-good. For now, enjoy the long video, especially if you ordered your own Pixel Watch or plan to do so.

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