Google releases new promo video that urges LG users to switch to Pixel 6

Google has just released a new promotion video for its Pixel 6 series of smartphones. In the video, the company shares 113 reasons “Why You Should Switch to Pixel.” But rather than taking on a major brand in the industry, the company has surprisingly decided to take a jab at a company that doesn’t event compete in the same market anymore.

The search engine giant shared a new video on YouTube, in which, the company calls out LG at one point. For those unaware, LG had exited the smartphone market earlier this year, and now, it seems like seeks to find prospective customers among the South Korean brand’s audience. While the company did not explicitly state LG’s name in the Pixel 6 promotional video, it does hint at the brand who stopped making smartphones. In the near nine minute video, Google stated that “the maker of your old phone stops making phones,” as one of the reasons to switch to Pixel smartphones, which is a clear jab at LG.

The video in itself doesn’t offer a lot of substance behinds its “113” reasons that should make us switch over to the Pixel series. So, we can say that these are meant primarily for entertainment purposes. Funnily, the company even adds in the video that certain brands are more known for their washing machines rather than “organizing the Internet and mapping the world.” In other words, this could even be a swing at South Korea’s Samsung Electronics as well.




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