Google Releases September Update for Pixel 6a, New Files for Pixel 6

gave most Pixel owners an update last week in the form of the September security patch. At the time, they said it was available immediately to all still-supported Pixel phones outside of the Pixel 6a, which was scheduled to arrive later in the month. That meant fresh updates were released for the Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, and Pixel 6 line-ups.

This morning, released the new 13 update for the Pixel 6a, as well as new builds for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro connected to Verizon.

The new builds are as follows:

  • Pixel 6 Pro (Verizon): TP1A.220905.004.A1
  • Pixel 6 (Verizon): TP1A.220905.004.A1
  • Pixel 6a: TP1A.220905.004.A2

There are no other notes available for these builds, so expect the same bug fixes and improvements that we talked about last week. Battery charging, biometrics, Bluetooth, and the lock screen have all been blessed. The full list of fixes can be seen here.

To check for the update, head into Settings>System>System update. If you aren’t seeing it right away, give it a few chances over the next couple of days. If you’d like to manually update, we have links for you below.

Downloads: Factory Image | OTA Files


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