Google Shows Off Material You Looks for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and More

Android 12 is so close to launching that is starting to show off changes to its apps that will arrive alongside it. On the Google Workspace blog, they just previewed a bunch of their apps with Material You redesigns, as well as how they’ll look with Dynamic Color on Pixel phones.

The post shows off Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs/Sheets/Slides, and Meet going from Material theme to Material You and Material You Dynamic Color. We’ve included all in this post, starting with Gmail.

We’ve talked about Material You on many occasions now, thanks to a first look at it through 12 Beta builds on our Pixel phones. But for those not familiar, Material You is ’s new design language that is not only more expressive and “alive & adaptive” and embracing of your emotions and more personal, it’s also capable of incorporating dynamic color changes based off phone wallpapers, at least on Pixel phones. In other words, your apps will change colors depending on the color of you wallpaper.

The other changes you’ll notice in an app that has been updated with Material You are things like updated navigation bars, improved floating action buttons, and the use of Sans throughout.

say’s they are rolling out Material You to some of the apps here starting today and that you’ll see them in Gmail version 2021.08.24, Meet version 2021.09.19 (September 19), Drive version 2.21.330 (September 9), Docs/Sheets/Slides version 1.21.342 (September 1), and Google Calendar version 2021.37 (September 20).



Google Calendar Material You


Google Drive Material You


Google Meet Material You

Docs, Slides, Sheets

Google Slides Docs Material You


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