Google TV is getting ready for new visual changes

Google TV, the popular platform from the tech giant in Mountain View, is undergoing continuous improvement, thanks to ongoing enhancements introduced by the company. A notable change that has caught the attention of avid users is the redesign of icons on the platform’s home screen, signaling a positive shift in the TV viewing experience.

Google TV Unveils Exciting Visual Changes for a Better User Experience

Image Credit: Mishaal Rahman

The alterations are in response to a significant critique aimed at Google TV – the lack of uniformity in the appearance of application icons when they are minimized on the home screen. This inconsistency has been a point of contention among users. As the icons seemed to lose their uniformity when compared to other elements on the screen.

Addressing this concern head-on, Google has announced a solution that aims to bring about a more harmonious look to the home screen. According to reports from 9to5Google, the tech giant plans to implement a new circular format for the icons of the most frequently used apps. This strategic move is to create a more cohesive and standard appearance across the platform.

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This overhaul is not limited to application icons alone. It extends to other elements on the home screen, including platform controls. The circular format will apply universally, ensuring a consistent size for various components within the Google TV interface.

Image Credit: Mishaal Rahman

Initial indications of this transformative change surfaced on Medium earlier in the week. And Google has now officially confirmed the redesign. The circular format will not only be for application icons. But will also extend to all control elements present on the home screen. Promising a balanced and proportional visual appeal.

As this visual transformation unfolds, the circular design is gradually making its presence felt on Google’s multimedia content management platform. However, users in Portugal are still awaiting an official date for the rollout of these exciting updates.

So, Google’s commitment to refining the user experience is evident through these design enhancements. By addressing visual imbalances on the home screen, the tech giant demonstrates its dedication to providing a seamless and visually pleasing interface for Google TV users worldwide.

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