Google TV’s Live Guide Gets a Favorite Channels Tab

The “Live” tab on your cute little TV unit is getting a big new feature that will make the oft-sluggish UI less of a nuisance to use. You can now add a bunch of favorite channels in there, through a separated tab to get to what you want in a hurry. Google will announce the feature today through Google TV support pages, but shared with us a bit early.

The idea is simple in that you’ll navigate to the Live tab, scroll through the channel list until you find one you’d like to add as favorite, and then click on the channel’s name. A star should pop-up that will allow you to add it as a favorite. Once done, you’ll have tabs at the top of the Live tab for “All channels” and “Favorite channels.”

It should look like this, once it has been setup on your device. 👇

tells us that this new Favorites feature is rolling out now!


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