Google Vs Huawei: Huawei Health App Removed From Play Store

It is shocking to learn that the Health app is no longer available on the Play Store. Never mind that it is a health-tracking app that provides similar information to its users, just like the Health app. Most importantly, hundreds of thousands of people use the Health app.

All they need to do is connect it to the Huawei Watch. With the app on their phone, users can manage and track their fitness and other health-related activities.  Users can monitor heart rate, track sleep, count steps, and more. However, it is shocking to know that the health app from a Chinese manufacturer is not available in the Google Play Store.

Huawei Health App Is Removed From Google Play Store For Unknown Reasons:

This will be disappointing news to users relying on the Huawei Health app to keep track of their health and fitness. Apparently, it is disappointing for them because Google removed the application from the Play Store. Google seems to be on the right side, as the app's last version was released in 2020.

Furthermore, it does not support Huawei watches such as the Band 7. You have two options now: download the app from the Huawei Gallery or the APK from the Internet. It is worth mentioning that the second method could bring viruses.

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Huawei Health App removed

There is still good news for Huawei wearable users, as the app is still available on the App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store. The app is only compatible with Huawei smartwatches and fitness trackers. At the moment, we don't know why Google has removed the Huawei Health app from the Play Store.

However, there is a feeling that technical problems prevented Huawei from updating its app for so long. Also, users with the Huawei Health app on their phones can still use it normally. In addition, the app will not receive future updates for bug fixes.

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