Google Will Fix Nest Wifi Pro’s Speed Limiting Bug Soon

Will Fix Nest Wifi Pro’s Speed Limiting Bug Soon

Will Fix Nest Wifi Pro’s Speed Limiting Bug Soon

BY Ronil

Published 14 Nov 2022

is aware of the slow internet speed issue that many users are facing with the recently launched Nest Wifi Pro. In a statement to The Verge, Nest Wifi’s product lead, Sanjay Noronha, says a small number of users are currently experiencing slow internet speeds on Nest Wifi Pro routers, and an update to fix this issue will roll out by early next week. 

The company launched the Nest Wifi Pro with Wifi 6E, built upon 802.11ax connectivity to offer access to the 6GHz band, and supports up to 5.4Gbps. However, many users are discussing in the community forms that upon switching to Nest Wifi Pro, their internet speed drops down to 50Mbps, and their previous route offered a higher rate. Even folks with last-gen Nest Wifi are outmatching the new one.

There are a few common causes among individuals reporting sluggish download speeds, while the exact reason behind the Nest Wifi Pro slow speed issue is still unknown.

says only some Nest Wifi Pro users are facing a slow speed issue, mostly affecting users in the UK with PPPoE networks (point-to-point protocol over ethernet). Many DSL (digital subscriber line) providers employ this technique, which requires you to set up your router with a username and password before accessing the internet.

However, based on discussions on the forum, it appears that users in the US and other regions of Europe, as well as folks with FTTP (fiber to the premises) that directly connects to the fiber ONT (optical network terminal), are affected.

didn’t disclose what led to the slower speeds, but hopefully, the upcoming software update will fix it. Meanwhile, the company has a support page with potential solutions if you have a non-Pro Google Nest Wifi mesh network router and still experiencing slow speed.

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