Google’s Area 120 for GenZ Consumer Products

lays off nearly 12000 employees earlier this month. The company then lays off teams working on the Area 120 initiatives. Currently, three teams are working on Area 120 for GenZ Consumer Products.

Furthermore, one of these projects includes GenZ consumer products. The team working on this project is “Liist.” TechCrunch says that Google acquired the Liist squad in 2022. The team is now working on Area 120 projects.

This Startup has managed to develop an app that helps you save place. This feature is quite similar to that in TikTok and Instagram. Not to mention, the company started its operations in 2019. And Google acquired the Startup somewhere in August 2022.

What is Liist?

The app allows users to send Instagram links. Moreover, users can send links using the iOS share sheet. Besides this, users can send screenshots of Instagram posts with tagged locations.

Moreover, Liist allows its users to pin or save their place using custom icons. All saved places are shown on a map. The locations are shown with a social group aspect that allows you to share it with friends.

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Therefore, their friends can vote on saved places to visit. This is why Google aims to keep the team for GenZ consumer products.

Moreover, you can search for locations in the app. A Radar feature allows you to “explore the most pinned spots on Liist.”

Liist For GenZ Consumer Products:

Liist has been quietly working on the Area 120 projects. Initially, Acqui hire was curious about shutting down the app in 2022. Furthermore, the app had “X00K” users. And it has managed to raise nearly 7 figures in VC investments.

This team is now working to develop GenZ consumer products. Moreover, Google aims to release the product later this year.

All previous efforts are a part of existing products. Therefore, a merger will result in a standalone app. However, the company may place the app in Google Maps. On the other hand, there are two different products, Aloud and Checks.

Aloud helps YouTube creators to dub their videos in different languages rapidly. In contrast, Checks make privacy compliance easy for iOS and app developers.

However, there is still no information about the PDF scanner Stack. The product was rumored to be canceled. For the time being, Google is keeping the Area 120 team for GenZ consumer products.

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