Google’s New Pixel 6 Fingerprint Scanner Calibration Tool Does Not Fix Key Issue

recently unveiled its 2021 flagship series, the Pixel 6 series, consisting of the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, both of which seem to be amazing flagships, with the only caveat being the fingerprint sensor, which has seen its fair share of complaints from both critics and customers.

Recently, XDA Developers found a repair tool from Google, but, going deep into what that application has to offer, it seems that it does nothing to fix your fingerprint sensing woes.

Will the Fingerprint Sensor Repair Tool Fix Your Fingerprint Woes?

The reason we think that this is of no help is because this tool aims to recalibrate and fix the fingerprint sensor after a replacement of the display due to an accidental fall or a crack.

In case you wish to replace the screen if something happens, this tool will definitely help, given that you have a PC and a USB Cable to complete the entire process, but for users wishing to fix their fingerprint woes, this will be a waste of a tool.

For those curious, if you do break your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro’s display and wish to replace it and keep the fingerprint sensor functionality, you can fix the sensor via the tool, which also requires a factory reset post usage, since it syncs up all the security keys to ensure that the fingerprint sensor is not a fake.

Are There Any More Pixel 6 Issues?

Pixel 6-1

This comes after Pixel 6 Pro users have been complaining about a display flickering issue, which is more apparent when the phone is switched off and they press the power button.

The search engine giant took the wraps off the Pixel 6 series smartphones last month. The newly launched Pixel flagship smartphones boast an impressive array of features, coupled with top-notch specifications. For instance, the Pixel 6 series packs the custom Tensor chip.

Much to the relief of Pixel 6 Pro owners, has admitted that the phone’s display has an issue, and is working to fix it, according to a report from FoneArena.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the screen does not flicker when users press the power button due to any hardware issue. will be releasing a patch next month to fix the issue.

Meanwhile, the company has urged Pixel 6 Pro owners to refrain from cycling the power button when the phone is switched off. has asked owners to only keep pressing the button until the phone turns on.

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