Google’s Pixel Watch Black Friday Deal is Here: $50 Off!

It's here – the Pixel Watch Black Friday deal has gone live. That sneaky ad on Search was indeed telling the truth, as the Pixel Watch is $50 off for the holiday shopping moment.

Want one? The Google Store Best Buy, and Target all have Google's first smartwatch at a discount, and I'd imagine anyone selling it will have the same. At $50 off, you can grab the Pixel Watch for $299 with WiFi. The LTE/cellular model does not appear to be on sale just yet, though that could change by next week.

Is $299 a good price for the Pixel Watch? Well, one of the complaints about it we had in our review was price. At $349, especially when you compare it to 's latest watches, seemed a bit high. The stainless steel finish was a nice premium touch, but the overall package was a tough sell. However, at $299, this watch has become quite appealing, thanks to its fun display, quick performance, Fitbit integration, and perfect size.

If you'v been eyeing the Pixel Watch, but didn't want to pay $350 for one, now would be the time to reconsider. My guess is that this Pixel Watch Black Friday deal will run for the next week at least, so you may not need to rush and buy one at the moment. You may not want to wait long, though. We don't know if stock will hold up for an entire Black Friday week sale.

You picking one up or still not sure? If you need to know more, I've got a 30-day review coming up later today that might help you decide.

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