Google’s Weather Widget Grows to 4×2 to Show Hourly Forecasts

On the day that announced the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, they pushed an update to the Google app that gave us the two Material You weather widgets we’ve been impatiently tapping our fingers over for weeks. Now today, Google has pushed another update that introduces a tweak to one of the widgets that offers more information in a bigger size.

The square 2×2 weather widget is now a 4×2 weather widget that will not only show current, high, and low temperatures, it also includes a 4-hour forecast and weather description. It’s a handy option for those wanting more info without having to tap on the weather widget for more.

Of course, these widgets can be adjusted, so if you liked the 2×2 square, you can still have that. Simply long-press on the 4×2, then grab the adjusters to shrink it down to 2×2 as I’ve done below.

This update is likely through the beta version of the app first. To grab it or join the beta program, hit that link below.

Play Link: App

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