Happrun H1 Projector Review: Transform Your Living Room into a Cinema

The Breakdown

The Happrun H1 is a great affordable projector. For the price, you get superb picture quality, great sound performance, and a screen that can extend up to 200 inches.

Picture Quality

Built-in Speaker Sound Quality

Setup Process

Ease of Use

Value For the Money

Connectivity Options

Can output up to a 200-inch screen.
1080p FullHD projection.
Easy setup and easy to control.
Great built-in speakers.
No built-in wireless cast/screen mirroring functions.
Includes a mediocre projector screen.

Yes, it's possible to get smart TVs for a very reasonable price these days. But purchasing a TV under $100 generally means settling for either a 720p model or a screen smaller than 32 inches. So, does that mean you cannot get a proper large-screen home theater setup without breaking the bank? With the Happrun H1 projector, you can!

Now, there are a lot of projectors under $100 that can project large-sized screens. But not all of them can offer crisp image quality, great sound, and, most importantly, a hassle-free setup process. And that's precisely where the Happrun H1 projector excels!

Want to learn more? Having thoroughly tested the projector, I've explored its full range of capabilities. So, if you are looking for an in-depth review, you are in the right place!

What's In the Box

For a projector that is less than $100, I must admit, the packaging and box content of the Happrun H1 are really nice. You basically get everything to get started with the projector. That includes:

  • Happrun H1 Projector
  • Power cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Component cable
  • 100-inch proejction screen
  • Remote
  • User guide
  • Service card

Happrun H1 Box Content

Here, the inclusion of the 100-inch projection screen is one of the standouts. This saved me the trouble of buying a separate projection screen.

Everything That Makes the Happrun H1 Projector Worth Purchasing

For a projector that costs less than $100, the Happrun H1 projector has to lot to offer. Let me give you a rundown of all the features of the projector that managed to amaze me:

Setup Process

As mentioned earlier, you get everything out of the box. After unboxing, all I had to do was get the included screen on the wall, find the right placement for the Happrun H1 projector, get it powered, and get a source installed on the back. That's it! Simple, right?

Talking of which, you get multiple options to get a source connected to the Happrun H1. On the back, you will find the following:

  • 1x HDMI input
  • 2x USB inputs
  • 1x Component input

Connectivity Options

Here, the composite input connects old-fashioned multimedia devices, such as a PlayStation 1 or an old Wii console. The USB and HDMI ports are for modern connections.

For my case, I have hooked up the Happrun H1 to an Amazon Fire TV stick. But if you do not have an TV stick, you can use your laptop, PC, gaming console, and other media devices to get content on the screen.

Picture Quality

Although the Happrun H1 does not come with intelligent image output technologies, you can get a decent image quality by correctly placing and adjusting it. On the note of image output, the unit has a native 1080p LED projector. This means that you can enjoy the content at FullHD resolution with crisp and clear details.

Projector Lens

And the Happrun H1 really delivered. Of course, to get the best possible picture, you need to make some adjustments to the focus and keystone correction. But to adjust them, it took me just a minute. Also, as the H1 offers good room for adjustments, you can make it work flawlessly in pretty much every room.


Let's not forget to mention that you can get up to a 200-inch screen with the Happrun H1. That means it's possible to get an extremely immersive viewing experience with this projector.

On-Screen Display and Advanced Settings

I loved the fact that the Happrun H1 comes with a simple and easy-to-use on-screen display (OSD). With it, you can refine the image quality and get the best viewing experience. If you want to know the specifics, the OSD greets you with a home screen where you can choose the input mode (HDMI or AV).

Home Screen

In addition, the home screen of Happrun H1 offers you options to play audio, video, and images through USB ports. You only need to use a USB stick and put compatible media into it.

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Happrun H1 Picture Settings

Now, when it comes to advanced settings, the Happrun H1 lets you play around with the picture mode settings, zoom, color temperature, noise reduction, sound settings (more on that later), projection mode, and others.

Happrun H1 Other Settings

These will let you further tune the projection of Happrun H1 and allow you to get a much-refined picture on the screen. Also, you can use the remote control or the built-in buttons to navigate through the OSD and power the projector on and off.

Happrun H1 Remote Control

Built-in Stereo Speaker

So, when I first learned that the Happrun H1 comes with a built-in speaker, I thought it would be mediocre at best. For that reason, I was prepared to hook up an external speaker. Well, to my surprise, the projector's built-in speaker is extremely good.

Happrun H1 Sound Settings

Not to mention, you can adjust the sound settings and tune the audio output of the Happrun H1 according to your liking. But, yes, you cannot forget that the speaker inside has small-sized drivers. So, if you need more oomph and louder sound, you have to get an external speaker installed.

But the good news is that the Happrun H1 projector offers multiple options for external audio. You can use the 3.5mm port on the back to get a wired sound system installed. Alternatively, you can use Bluetooth 5.1 to connect to a wireless speaker or headphones.

Get the Happrun H1 From Amazon

Get the Happrun H1 From the Official Site

Things That Could Have Made the Happrun H1 Projector Better

Even though the Happrun H1 projector excels in most factors, there is room for improvement. For example:

Built-in Wireless Screen Sharing Function

I loved the fact that the Happrun H1 offers a lot of options for connecting a source. However, it would have been better if there were options for wireless screen sharing. For instance, Chromecast built-in could have eliminated the need to install a wired device to get content on screen.


But yes, I can see why Happrun did not include any fancy wireless screen-sharing function in the H1. It would have increased the price of the projector.

Better Projector Screen

The included projector screen gets the job done. But it's not of high quality. I believe Happrun included it to get you started and expects you to purchase a better one in the future.

xiaomi laser projector

Again, if Happrun H1 had come with a better projector screen, I believe the price point would not have been this cheap.

Final Thoughts on Happrun H1 Projector

The final verdict on this Happrun H1 projector review is that it is a great unit for the price. You get crisp picture quality, easy setup, multiple connectivity options, and a great built-in audio experience. And even though there are a few negative points, for its affordable price tag, you cannot really hold them against the projector.

Get the Happrun H1 From Amazon

Get the Happrun H1 From the Official Site

Key Factors Details
Resolution Native 1080P
Luminance 240 ANSI Lumen
Included Projection Screen Yes, 100-inch
Keystone  ±15°
Built-in Speaker HiFi Stereo Speaker
Contrast Ratio 10000:1
Bluetooth  5.1
Screen size up to 200″

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