HarmonyOS 4 Unveiled: A Modern Look and Exciting Options

Developer Conference 2023 is currently underway, and the biggest announcement of the day is the introduction of HarmonyOS 4. This latest version of HarmonyOS brings a major visual redesign, along with exciting new personalization options for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. With over 700 million devices worldwide now powered by the HarmonyOS ecosystem, which spans a wide range of sectors including smartphones, TVs, and cars, Huawei continues to solidify its position in the market.

Experience the New HarmonyOS 4: Personalize Your Devices Like Never Before

One of the key updates in HarmonyOS 4 is the ability to customize the home screen. Users now have the freedom to change system fonts, colors, clock styles, and widgets according to their preferences. This provides a plethora of combinations and customization options, allowing users to truly make their devices their own. Additionally, users can now set emoji wallpapers and home screens by selecting their favorite emojis, adding a touch of personal flair.

Huawei has also enhanced its emoji pack in HarmonyOS 4 by introducing animated options. Users can now express themselves more vividly through these lively and dynamic emojis. Moreover, a new feature called Panorama Weather has been added, enabling users to keep track of the daily forecast right on their lock screen. With real-time updates on weather changes, users can stay informed and plan their day accordingly.

The notification center has received a significant overhaul in HarmonyOS 4. Users now have the ability to categorize incoming alerts based on their preferences, allowing for better organization and easier management of notifications. Furthermore, users can pin their preferred app notifications to the notification center, enabling them to interact directly with the notifications without the need to open the respective app. This streamlines the user experience and saves valuable time.

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Taking inspiration from 's Dynamic Island, Huawei introduces Live Window in HarmonyOS 4. Supported apps now display real-time alerts and notifications in a pill-shaped icon located in the corner of the device's screen. With a simple tap, users can expand the window and interact with the app directly. This feature is available across smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Supporting both Huawei's first-party apps and an expanding list of third-party apps from developers.

Unlock the Potential of HarmonyOS 4: Customize and Streamline Your Digital Life

Huawei has also expanded the range of card options, or widgets, in HarmonyOS 4. Users now have a wider selection of apps and utilities to choose from, and these cards come in varying sizes. Users can place these cards on their home screen, providing quick and convenient access to their favorite apps and information. Additionally, the super transfer station system-wide copy feature allows users to stack multiple files, text, and images. Making it easier than ever to transfer content between apps and supported HarmonyOS devices.

Continuity features have been extended to cars equipped with HarmonyOS infotainment systems. This means that users can now seamlessly stream content and utilize apps on their car screens. Creating a connected and integrated experience between their devices and vehicles.

Beneath the surface, HarmonyOS 4 introduces an overhauled Ark Engine. This engine boasts 20% better performance, resulting in faster app launching, smoother animations, and reduced power consumption. Furthermore, HarmonyOS 4 brings several security optimizations. Including improved permission tracking options, app install warnings, and stricter access restrictions to personal information. These enhancements ensure a safer and more secure user experience.

The public beta version of HarmonyOS 4 is already available from Huawei, starting today, for a range of 34 devices, including popular series such as the Mate50, P60, and Mate X3. In the near future, an additional 35 devices, including the P40, Mate 30, nova 9, and nova 10 series, will be added to the beta program, further expanding the reach and adoption of HarmonyOS 4.

With its major visual redesign, enhanced personalization options, and improved performance and security features, HarmonyOS 4 delivers a compelling and refined user experience. Huawei continues to innovate and strengthen its HarmonyOS ecosystem. Providing users with a seamless and interconnected digital environment across various devices and sectors.

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