Here’s a Pixel 6a Deal That Gets You One for $399

The Pixel 6a is only a couple of weeks old and yet the deals surrounding this mid-range phone from have not been hard to find. For this week, Amazon is hosting a coupon that drops the price to $399. That’s a solid $50 off its usual retail price.

To get the Pixel 6a for $399, you’ll hit this link, sign-in to your Amazon account, and then check the little coupon box under the price. Checking that box and then adding to cart will show in-cart as $399. Simple, simple.

Should you buy a Pixel 6a at $399? Hell yeah, man. At $449, it was decently priced, although a little short on a couple of specs compared to competitors. At $50 cheaper, I think it’s priced appropriately for a higher-end Tensor chip, solid camera experience, great in-hand feel, software support for years, and the Google Pixel experience.

Here’s our Pixel 6a review in case you missed it.

Amazon Deal Link


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