Here’s the Galaxy S22 Lineup in Every Color

Hey, look, it’s the Galaxy S22 (reservations already live) lineup in all of its colors! Thanks to @evleaks, we’re getting an amazingly detailed look at ’s upcoming family of devices, assumed to be launched next month at some point. All we can share is, Unpacked is coming, but we aren’t exactly sure when.

Below you can view the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ color options. There is white, dark green, pink, and black. You can likely guess which one is my favorite, but if you can’t it’s certainly that green one. I love it.

And here’s the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Looks like we’ll have white, dark green, some sort of purplish violet, and black. Same goes for the S22 Ultra, as that green one is calling my name. The white is also pretty hot, so long as the back is matte. Honestly, I’m not see a single bad option for any of the devices, so good luck in choosing.

February is right around the corner. Have you reserved your Galaxy S22 yet?

// @evleaks


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