Here’s the Next Motorola Razr In Action, No Crease Spotted Yet

We got our eyes on ’s upcoming Razr foldable earlier this month, but this week, we have a new GIF that showcases a person handling the device and showing off a little foldy-fold action.

Posted by @evleaks, the person shows off the main display, unlocks it using the side-mounted fingerprint reader, closes the phone, then shows the cover display. Interestingly, unless the phone has never closed before, what we don’t see is a crease on the display. If you’ve ever used a foldable before, they all come with no crease out of the box, but as soon as you close it for the first time, there will forever be a crease on the display. This Razr (3rd-Gen) doesn’t appear to have have one, so either it’s never been closed before or has some sort of new wizardry employed on this device. Fingers crossed for the wizardry.

Overall, it’s a good looking phone, certainly better looking than past iterations. It looks very similar to a Galaxy Z Flip 3, though, the bezels do look a bit thicker. Regardless, it still looks nice enough.

At the rate of leaks we’re seeing, no doubt the phone will be unveiling sooner rather than later.


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