Here’s Your First In-depth Look at GTA 6 Protagonist Lucia

If you are like the other hard-core GTA fans, you are probably eager to see the Rockstar officially announce GTA 6. Well, as per the last rumor, that might happen pretty soon. But still, Rockstar did not confirm anything about the announcement date. So, the last rumor might be a miss instead of a hit.

Nonetheless, there's no denying that the excitement revolving around GTA 6 is palpable. And the hype that the upcoming game has generated has made many creative minds in the community come up with great concept content. For example, back in March, we had a fantastic concept gameplay video made in UE 5. Now, a fan-made rendition of Lucia has popped out. And it looks amazing!

Character Artist Creates An Accurate Depiction of GTA 6 Protagonist Lucia

There have been a lot of leaked clips of GTA 6 recently. Alongside that, we have had many rumors of the game's protagonists. Well, character artist Hossein Diba looked at all these pieces of leaked information and found inspiration to create a stunningly accurate depiction of Lucia.

Lucia GTA 6

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The character artist shared his work on ArStation, which has managed to wow the community. After all, the level of detail on the GTA 6 protagonist is mind-blowing. Not to mention that the character's facial expression managed to perfectly capture the essence of the protagonist.

Lucia GTA 6

Now, it's not like that leaked videos of GTA 6 shared a lot of details about the character. So, Diba deserves a lot of credit for bringing the protagonist to life in such a realistic way. In fact, after seeing his work, fans are hoping that Rockstar Games makes the protagonist look as real as the render.

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Hopefully, Diba will work on Jason as well. And in case you are wondering, Jason is the second protagonist of the game.

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