Hily App Review

Hily is the newest dating app to try and dethrone Tinder as the top online dating platform. Hily sets itself apart by catering more to the adult crowd (18 and above) instead of teens.

How Does Hily Work?

Download Hily from the App Store or Google Play, then register. Linking your Facebook account to the Hily social discovery app auto-fills your profile in the process.

If you’ve tried Tinder before then you’ll feel right at home with the swipe mechanism. Other than that, there are neat features, such as being able to watch short user videos instead of just looking at pictures.

You can initiate a chat when you find a profile you like. Send a quick HILY, or “Hey, I Like You” using video bubbles or GIFs to start the conversation. This medium allows for a more personal and flirty engagement than other dating apps.

A Smarter Way To Finding Your Match

Hily has some nifty and novel features. Take a look at what the social dating app has to offer.

All User Profiles Are Verified

Fake, spam or duplicate accounts are almost non-existent in Hily. All users must link to either a Snapchat or Facebook account and submit a live or photo ID to get verified. This eliminates the chances of wasting time speaking to a bot and increases your chances of landing the right person.

AI To Determine Compatibility

Hily employs a learning algorithm instead of the usual geo-location matching like other dating apps.

The result? Users get more accurate matches and get potential dates that coincide with their interests, thereby increasing the chances of hitting it off. Dialogues, photos and mutual likes are just some of the factors that get calculated in the process.

AI Blocks Inappropriate Messages

The AI in Hily screens for offensive and unwanted languages and removes them en route to the receiver. Security algorithms also take out nude pictures and sexually explicit content for a safer, fun and clean dating environment.

Hily Notifications

Hily sends out notifications if your messages have been read and whether a user has liked your Profile. This is a special addition that other dating apps may not offer.

Is Hily Free?

The app itself is free to download and use, but there are microtransactions in-app. There’s a premium version called the Hily Elixir, which is an ad-free platform with several filters and features thrown in. It’s somewhat like Bumble Boost and Tinder Plus, which gets unlocked for a few dollars.