How About a Google Pixel Stand for 50% Off?

The Google Pixel Stand is down to $39.99 today, one of its best prices to date. Providing both smarts and wireless charging for supported Pixel phones, this is one of the few unique accessories for ’s line of phones, but it’s normally so expensive that you probably haven’t considered buying one. Today might be your day!

The Pixel Stand was originally introduced with the Pixel 3, but it also works with the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5, both of which support wireless charging. This little charger from features a soft-touch exterior, 10W wireless charging speeds, and props your phone up at an easily-viewable angle.

For smarts, the Pixel Stand helps you wake up in the mornings by mimicking the sunrise with your alarm, shows you useful information on screen and gives you easy access to the Assistant, and can act as a Google Photos display. It’s a useful wireless charger that offers more than your typical $10 charger.

B&H Photo has the deal today and no one has matched it just yet. If anyone does, we’ll update this post, otherwise hit up B&H.


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