How third-party billing works on Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is an online platform that allows users to download and purchase various apps, games, and other digital content. The platform also offers third-party billing services, which allow users to purchase products and services from third-party providers using their Microsoft account. Microsoft recently updated the Microsoft Store support document. The document now shows how the third-party billing system works in the store. It offers more flexible payment options for apps, games, and in-app purchases.

Microsoft third-party billing

Microsoft said it would restrict third-party billing systems so that users could not use gift cards or mall points. In addition, the rules set by users in Xbox Family Settings and Microsoft Family Safety do not apply to third-party payments.

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The company said

“Some app publishers with non-game products offer alternatives to the Microsoft Payments platform for in-app purchases. These publishers can offer both payment plans or just an alternative (non-Microsoft) billing platform. When using an alternative billing platform for in-app purchases, any payment data saved on the Microsoft In-App Payments platform will not be available. Microsoft gift cards and store credit are also not available for in-app purchases using alternative billing platforms. The specific billing platform you use determines who secures your purchases, processes your payments, stores any payment data, and provides customer support for purchases, including any refunds”.

Final Words

It is important to note that Microsoft will allow third-party payments for apps, games, and in-app purchases. This means that users do not have to make payments through Microsoft. However, Microsoft will not be liable for any data given to third-party payment platforms.

Third-party billing on the Microsoft Store is a convenient payment method. It allows users to purchase products and services from third-party providers. Users can manage their third-party subscriptions and cancel subscriptions if needed. However, users should ensure that they choose third-party payment platforms that they trust to make payments.


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