How to add ChatGPT to your Apple Watch

OpenAI seems to be set to dominate the tech industry. The company keeps conquering users and a lot of partners with its ChatGPT chatbot. In the past few months, the industry has been taken by storm. There are a lot of companies running to integrate ChatGPT and get ready for the next revolutions coming with GPT-4. We saw it making its way to 's services, thanks to a $10 billion investment. However, other partnerships are still coming and we may able to see ChatGPT on vehicles pretty soon. It's a super useful service since you can get answers to your inquiries making simple questions. Just imagine having the power of ChatGPT on your wrist. That is now possible if you have an Watch.

As per MacRumors, it's now possible to have the chatbot on your wrist thanks to a new third-party app. The Apple Watch just got an app called “Petey”. It allows you to get ChatGPT access wherever you go as long you have an Apple Watch on your wrist.


Add a ChatGPT assistant to the Apple Watch with Petey

The Petey app for Apple Watch allows you to query OpenAI's chatbot by either typing questions or using voice-to-text input. Interestingly, you get a full-fledged conversational experience. You can keep interacting with ChatGPT in the context of queries you've already put in. As you may know, ChatGPT training includes tons of information and it is able to give you contextual responses. There are still some limits, but technology is evolving on a daily basis.

The Petey app comes with a watch face. So it's easy to access without having to navigate your apps to open it. Interestingly, it can be even a useful replacement for Siri. Just like , the biggest majority of the time, Siri will send web results to your iPhone. With ChatGPT you can have quick responses just by making questions to your Apple Watch.

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As we can see, this third-party app proves that ChatGPT is basically a revolution for virtual assistants. OpenAI's current solutions are far ahead of digital assistants. You can get much better questions just by making simple questions. You can make queries with the Text to Speech, and if needed, you can send the outcome via text, e-mail, and social media.

It's available for Apple Watch Series 4 and above

Of course, an app of this quality will come with a price. The app costs $4.99, for some, it's a decent price to get fast information without much hassle. It's available as Petey on the App Store. Interestingly, this app was formerly known as watchGPT. The name was dropped due to trademark issues. You can head to App Store to install the app. It requires watchOS 9, so in other words, you will need anything above the Apple Watch Series 4. It offers support for about 14 different languages, obviously, more will be added in the due time.

We are curious to see what changes the rise of AI can bring to the future of the Apple Watch series.

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