How Unlocking Your Phone Unlocks Its Full Potential

An unlocked phone has several advantages over its locked counterpart. By definition, unlocked mobile phones are those that aren’t limited for use on a single cellular network.

Today’s technology now allows for easily unlocking phones via third party services. Why would someone want to unlock his or her phone? Well, here are three solid reasons:

Freedom of Network Choice

Unlocked smartphones are versatile in that they can be used in any network carrier. If you choose to unlock LG or samsung or Apple phones, you’d be free to choose however you wish to use it in terms of minutes, data and upgrade options.

You won’t have to stick to a cellular company that provides poor customer service, or overcharges you every month. When you opt to unlock iPhone or other brands, you can easily move to the carrier that has a better coverage or price package.

Easier to Resell

More often than not, you’ll hit a roadblock when time comes that you need to sell your old locked phone. When you’ve upgraded to a newer model and no longer have a use for your old unit, e.g an Android device, you may as well go through an unlock Samsung service. Interested buyers then won’t have to worry about not being able to use it just because it’s tied to a specific network.

Buyers are also more likely to buy unlocked LG or Samsung or iPhone models than their locked counterparts, as it gives them the freedom to choose the carrier or integrate their existing plans in the device.

More Convenient

Unlocked phones are definitely more convenient to use as you can just put in your main SIM as your phone gets serviced. All software options will be available and you won’t be shoehorned into using pre-programmed applications.

Movical.net offers a way to unlock your smartphone instantly over the internet. Simply choose your phone from their list or do a device search on their website to get started. You’ll quickly have an unlocked mobile that will be ready to use anytime, anywhere.